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           Principles to Observe

- Patience
- Understanding
- Selflessness
- Hope

- Peace
- Love
- Unity
- Respect

P.U.S.H. for P.L.U.R

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Spiritual Awakening, Divine Revelations, God's Universal Plan

Good Faith Paradigm

The most compelling divine spectacle in the History of Mankind. The oppertunity to unite humanity and eliminate the confusion of our universal eternal existence is present. A picture is worth 1000 words. Good Faith Paradigm represents the symmetry of religious prophacy portrayed in this authentic display of divine communication, the spiritual awakening event of the 21st century.

Good Faith Paradigm encompasses all of the components for an international Spiritual Renaissance.

- Miraculous
- Inspiring
- Breathtaking
- Fulfills Scripture Prophecies
- Fresh
- Amazing
- Revitalizing
- Divine


Good Faith Paradigm is giving rise to the dawn of a new age for mankind.


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Miracles of The Holy Spirit - Fundrazr





When a spectacle arises that the only explanation is divine intervention, evolution of thought and theology becomes the standard, not the debate. May peace be on your heart, wisdom your mind and fortitude your spirit, you ARE energy of an eternal spirit. The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit.




Islam's 72 virgins (houri) and eternally errect penis refers to an aspect of Jannah. This concept is grounded in Qur'anic text which describe a sensual Paradise where believing men are rewarded by being wed to virgins with "full grown", "swelling" or "pear-shaped" breasts. The number 72 is widely considered to be a representation of infinite across Islam. This spectacle reflects Islamic prophacy.




The most significant prophecy fulfillment. Deuteronomy 18:15 - The LORD thy God will raise upto thee a Prophet from the midst of thee, of the brethren, like unto me; unto ye shall hearken. I see a burning bush. The Newfound Revelations are The 8 Divine Truths to be the embodiment of our spiritual observation.





The Wiccia very much believe that within the universe is found Divine Order, and knowledge of Nature's Laws leads to divine contemplation and understanding. The metaphysical properties of the images exalted by The Church of Good Faith Paradigm presents the world with an insight into our divine essence we call, Collective Consciousness.





The emanationism of Brahman is One God in Three Persons. These are Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Together, these make Creator, Sustainer, and Destroyer. The significance of the Spiritual Relic representing the universe parallels with Hindu understanding of the Supreme Being. Also, Hindu observe the concept of Nirvana.




The concept of Nirvana is presented in these photographs. In general terms, nirvana is a state of transcendence involving the subjective experience of release from a prior state of bondage. God has offered humanity the ultimate release from bondage, that from spiritual conflict.




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