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Assets to assist you in making a knowledgeable decesion in your energy reduction efforts.

- It's What Meets the Eye
- LED Heat Sync Analysis
- Benefits
- What are LEDs
- Rebates

  • Certificate of Compliance can be completed by a qualified Eletrical Engineer or Construction Contractor
  • Fill out the form on the Project Managemengt page to get started.
  • There is lead time recieving fixtures from the manafacture and a construction schedule that must be taken into consideration.


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What We Do...

  • Initial Meeting
    • Introduction to y8 Consulting and its services.
      • Discuss customer's goals and objectives.
      • Set expectations and timeframes.

  • Energy Audit/Assessment
    • A detailed, room-by-room assessment is completed. Some of the
      information your Energy Consultant will make note of includes:
      • Hours of Operation
      • Square Footage of your facility (for EPAct purposes)
      • Types of Measures (T12's, Metal Halides, HPS's, etc...)
      • Location of Measures and quantities
      • Cost of Electricity

  • Project Analysis
    • A Program Manager will analyze the data received from your
      Energy Consultant.
    • The Program Manager will discuss the customer's goals and objectives
      with the Energy Consultant to determine the appropriate new Measures to be installed at the customer's facility.
    • If a State or a Utility Rebate is available for this project, the Program
      Manager will identify such rebate and use its value in the project's
      financial analysis.

    • EPAct (Energy Policy Act of 2005) allows for a one-time tax deduction by companies to complete an energy project before the end of 2013. This tax deduction is allowed to be taken in the year the project is completed. The Program Manager will calculate the expected tax incentive and its
      value will be factored into the financial analysis of the proposed project.
    • The Program Manager will then complete a pre and post analysis of the
      facilities energy consumption using both the old and new fixtures/measures, as well as the EPAct incentive and any rebates that are available.
    • The formal proposal is created for the Energy Consultant to present to the customer.

  • Presentation of Executive Summary
    • The Energy Consultant will present an executive summary including the general scope of work to be performed, the financial analysis of the project and the impact of financing on ROI.
    • Once the customer decides to move forward, a Project Manager is
      assigned to facilitate the project's implementation.

  • Pre-Construction Review
    • The Energy Consultant will review with and supply to client analysis spreedsheet. Spreadsheet includes number of fixtures being retrofitted, maintaince, enviromental impact, loan schedule, kWh savings and lighting density reduction for federal compliance. A Rawlins Construction Project Manager conducts a room-by-room analysis of the facility to determine all construction requirements and discusses the installation process with the customer. 

  • Installation
    • Since this is a 100% turn-key solution, the Project Manager will facilitate and manage all aspects of the project. Working under the close supervision of Project Manager, Rawlins installs or retrofits the new energy conservation measures.

  • Post-Installation Review
    • Upon completion of the installation, a Rawlins Certified Energy Manager will conduct a post-installation review to certify the project has met all of the requirements for the EPAct tax incentive. If a Utility incentive was available, y8 Consulting will work with the Utility to certify that all of the specified work has been completed.

  • Project Completion
    • The paperwork is finalized as needed.

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