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Responsible for all areas of project including:
- Consultation
- Design/Audit
- Materials Management
- Installation
- Administration
- Rebates
- Financing – Usually Interest Free
- 179D Federal Tax Deduction Documents
- Service & Support


Someone will contact you within 24 hours:

art direction, web design, programming, project management
Energy Efficiency Consulting, Sales & Project Manager

y8 Consulting and Rawlins Construction, Inc.

Rawlins is a General Contracting firm that has been in business for 30 years completing construction projects in many states in the republic. Understanding how technology positively impacts businesses large and small, y8 Consulting and Rawlins Construction is proud to provide you a service that is guaranteed to reduce your operating costs.

Services Include:

  • Zero-Waste
  • Design/Build Services
  • Green Building Practices
  • Project Management
  • Demo/Remodel
  • Workflow Solutions using Microsoft Exchange

Rawlins customer base includes manufacturing, retail, commercial, healthcare, recreation, education and other government buildings.

Other Services

HealthCHOICE™ healthcare is a fundamental way of providing healthcare for your employees. HealthCHOICE™ utilizes government funded infrastructure with a once a month motivation session, creative meal options and community events for the family.


Stendmar is our partner for home and office furnishings. You'll find contemporary designs and multiple fabric selections. y8 can assist you in creating an inviting atmosphere that will boost employee morale and comfort your blue chip clients. Also, y8 uses the latest in lighting technology for sales force training.

Recreation and Recovery™ is a program y8 designed for mental health. Cognitive thinking is the backbone of R & R. Cognitive thinking combined with peer support is a powerful fusion that is designed to boost confidence, foster awareness and awaken the excitement of day to day living.

Social media pages:

y8 has social media marketing experience that will be of value to you and your efforts. If you need a creative thinker on your team that will bring experience and enthusiasm to your project don't hesitate to call. Weather it's gathering feedback from your most loyal customers, creating coupons to drive sales or finding and writing articles that gives your company the personality you want it to have, y8 can assist you every step of the way. Some of our other services include:

  • Branding
  • Brochures Design
  • Banner Design
  • Media Rich Digital Banners
  • Radio Jingle
  • Live Video Broadcast
  • Business Card Design

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